The Homestead Heart

“You have such an Old Soul.”

A phrase I have heard quite a few times from various people; teachers, elders, my peers. What does that even mean anyway?

I suppose when you sort of fit in -yet don’t – because you love people but not everything about people. When you are somewhat a loner but value some good visiting time with a select few people. When you love everything about the past yet you were never there in the flesh, only in spirit. When you are fascinated with history but not from the textbook viewpoint but from the raw living side of history whether that be your grandparents era or many generations before.

People say that reliving the past is a bad thing but how can getting back to our roots ever be bad when it brought us to where we are today. Modern life is just a scratch on the surface of what has made us who we are and frankly the modern world does not impress me as much as the trials and tribulations that our ancestors endured. Sure I appreciate some modern things; modern medicine to some degree is wonderful and in others is a dubious step forward, modern transport is convenient but to what cost,  modern agriculture provides and abundance of food and yet still so many are malnourished while being obese, and modern telecommunications brings us to blogs like this and near instant access to knowledge but can also open us to time wasting, danger, and fraud.

So what could be so bad in stepping back in time to appreciate the simpler things in life? Homesteading is one way to do just that and it creates a mindset of reverence and appreciation for what we have and what exactly it takes to get what we need or want. If you have an old soul you will be drawn to old time skills, tips, wisdom, and past times and I hope that you find that here as I share our family journey to homesteading.

Homesteading is in the heart and it can be found in the inner city or the wide open country. It can be found in the business woman in the city who bakes her bread from scratch or the stay-home dad who grows a garden. It doesn’t matter where you are, homesteading is in your heart and here we can explore various aspects and experiences that will hopefully appeal to your homestead heart and old soul.


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