A new baby, waiting to close, and itching to garden.



So a very busy past few weeks have passed…house paperwork, packing, hauling, and cleaning. Thank goodness for pick -up trucks and coffee!

We packed  most of our things a few weeks before move out day and began hauling it to a storage locker and then the weekend of the 2nd April we began moving the last of our furniture and appliances -phew! Heavy work! You don’t get these muscles at the gym!

Tuesday this week was our move-out inspection at our rented home and so over the weekend we worked on emptying the last of our things, cleaning the house, tidying the yard, and moving into our camper – again. Although THIS time it is only for a little more than a week. (More on our 13 months as full-timers in the camper in another post!)

Oh, how could I forget? A week before move-out day my husband found us a second dog…yep, and she is a puppy too.

Crazy some might say, to get a puppy a week before moving out, a week before spending 10 or so days in a camper waiting for house keys…but she has been a great addition to our family and from being a 100% outdoor LGD bred puppy, she has had a whole list of firsts in this one week: first time in a truck, in a house, in a camper, learning to play with busy toys, walks…and she has adapted very quickly.

Moose is in love and she is excellent and gentle with the children.


She still has about a year or so to finish growing and is already a big girl – but so gentle and intelligent and will make a great homestead dog along with Moose. She was already named Gypsum or “Gyp” for short. As many of you may already recognize, she is a Great Pyrenees with an ounce of Anatolian Shepherd (about 1/8th).

As for the homestead, this past couple weeks we have been waiting for more paperwork to come through (septic, invoices for inspections, survey…it’s hard being an adult!) and although the wait is coming to a close it seems to be taking forever because as the days pass on the New Mexico wind season is in full effect and all I can think about is soon it will be summer and I am itching to garden!


Antsy to garden for food – and of course fresh cut flowers. 

We will have to break ground but I will be utilizing permaculture and xeriscape in our food and flower garden in order to work with the desert land. Our homestead will be “organic” – or should I say NATURAL – there will be no need for chemicals or bought amendments as I will be using manure, local mulch materials, and compost from our land and animals. Of course, there will be blog posts and YouTube videos about all of that later on!

For now I am keeping on reading and making tentative plans for micro-climates around the property and meanwhile my husband is planning on what kind of truck-port he wants and where it might go..and meanwhile that he is doing that I am planning how to grow food up the siding so it isn’t just an ugly sun shade for the vehicles! Oh I have summer grapes, kiwi, and cucumbers in mind and then in fall/spring I think snap peas would pretty that thing up a great deal along with floral climbers for the hummingbirds and bees.


Hide ugly things with food! This case – cucumbers.

So lets get a discussion going…whether it be in mid-winter when not much is going on in the garden or you are in the middle of moving, what do YOU do to help the craving to get your hands dirty?

Right now I am reading and re-reading my homestead related magazines and reading library books like I should have them intravenous. I am out of online school until summer so it is a real pleasure to read other than for school…but now all my courses are focused to my major and it won’t be for tedious filler courses so that itself is exciting.

In another post I will share my long and changing college journey and how I have finally let myself complete a major in something I 100% love, not just something that I can do, not something that others will necessarily approve of, not just because it will be well payed, but because it is something I really want to do and it just so happens that it will fit in around our family goals and homesteading ideal. I will let you know what that is LATER and how my husband is joining me by changing his major to the same field! #parentsinschool #couplessharetextbooks (!)