“Me time” – A Homesteaders Day Out.


This past weekend my husband and our boys went camping and I had a couple days to myself.

Yes, Mums, I HAD TIME TO MYSELF and you all know what heaven that is!

So what did I do with my time? Well Friday evening my friend came over and we ate pizza, watch a movie, and ate candy. Lots of it actually. Then Saturday morning I had a relatively late start at 8am! I checked that the homestead was in order and that nothing needed water or had any pest issues. I visited friends at our local farmers market and  then I drove about 70 miles to the next town and visited the farmers market there.

It was so nice to browse what people had for sale: greens, tomatoes, agua fresca, bread, beef, woodwork….so much to see. The market is in a down-town area and along the strip is a used bookstore that is heaven for book nerds like me. I managed to find some great deals on used farming/homesteading books and I will review a few of them at a later date.

After the book store I headed to the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum http://www.nmfarmandranchmuseum.org/  Now I have been there a few times but have always had the children with me and it ishard to really enjoy and read the exhibits with small children (can I get a what whaaaat). But this day! I was able to READ what I wanted and linger as long as I wanted.

This exhibit showed the many ways of using plants and minerals to dye wool, cotton, and other fabrics. It is amazing at what can be used to stain things, my favorites were Indigo and Black Walnut. I have used beets to stain home-made lip balm but I was amazed at the diversity of color that you can make from plant or mineral based sources.

The Mercantile is probably my favorite exhibit and is basically how I am styling our kitchen. I love to see canned goods and useful gadgets. This example of an old mercantile is just so wholesome, I don’t know what it is but I just love it.

WP_20160604_019WP_20160604_022WP_20160604_023 1

No farm museum would be without old equipment. I really like the horse drawn stuff but the row of John Deere is cool! The green and yellow is just so iconic.

The covered wagon, the mascot of the West. And an old stove…who wouldn’t want that wood stove? Sure propane or electric is easier but I love to cook with real fire. One day I want one!

I bought these plants form the greenhouse where proceeds support an education program. They have great prices and its worth a visit for the greenhouse alone.

WP_20160604_031 (1)

Lastly, no homestead would be without a dinner bell. I bought this from the blacksmith that does demonstrations and sells hand made iron work.

It was so nice to have a day to browse at my leisure and support a local greenhouse and a local blacksmith. If you are even in the area you should check it out!


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