A Hairy Dog and My Hand Craft Fetish

THIS is Moose and you will likely see a lot of him in my blog posts and later my YouTube videos. He is a Mummy’s boy and is always hanging around wherever I am.


His weekly shedding…yes…year round.

In January 2011 we decided we wanted a dog…well, I decided and my Husband agreed we could go “look”. Well, we went to the animal shelter in the next city since we were shopping for a bed (oh yeah, we had moved from England to New Mexico about a month beforehand) and in among a whole mess of adult yapper type breeds was “Rover”.

He was a distinguished little guy, sat bolt up right with his floppy ears to as much attention as they would allow and his little tail wagging across the floor. All the chaos of the yapping and he was silent and had those big brown eyes that just looked honest.

We took him home that day.


8 weeks old and helping to unpack the house.

Potty training was a breeze, took him to the door one time, went outside one time, praise for pottying…one time. Lesson learned. He learns tricks and skills VERY quickly.

Since he is a rescue we are not 100% sure of his breeding and have never got around to getting the doggy DNA kit but his Mom was a Shepherd mix. She had been found stray and then her puppies were found. She had prolapsed and sadly did not survive but Moose was the last of her puppies to be re-homed.

From all the research, I think he is part German Shepherd mix, part Great Pyrenees…and here you will see why…


He has FUR for days. I brush him a few times a week and get handfuls of soft, downy, under coat.

I use a brush like this:  Carding Brush #308  [http://www.amazon.com/Newhouse-Specialty-Co-Carding-Brush/dp/B004YES258/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1458676958&sr=8-1&keywords=dog+fur+carding]

So my thoughts now, as a lover of knitting, crochet (and general hand crafts) I started thinking what a waste it was to keep tossing that silky, puffy “wool”. Often I would throw it outside much to the delight of the local birds.

This is a thrush of some kind, I am not too familiar with all the local birds even after 5 years in this state but I will find out for sure. They made a mud and stick bowl on this ledge and then lined it with his fur that they found in our yard.

As of today 3/22/2016 they have one egg. {I did not touch the nest at all to take these photos}

So I got to thinking, the birds select his fur for their nest linings because it is warm and soft…much like angora….

AHA! I am going to start collecting his brushings and attempt to spin the fur into yarn.

Watch this space for more posts on this subject later on and perhaps a video on my soon to be YouTube channel.

Comment below if you have ever used dog fur for spinning, what spindle/carding brushes/needles do you like to use?


Oh…we also had a 3 month old baby!